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Private tour


Exclusive private tours for individuals and small groups. Create your own private tour by choosing your preferred dates for your private group! We’ll do the rest.


A custom sightseeing tour allows you to have the whole day to yourselves, no schedule, with drivers and tour operators at your call! We go where you want, when you want…


Group Tours


The experienced, English-speaking tour-guides are dedicated to transforming your trip to Israel from ordinary to extraordinary.

IsraelBookings specializes in personalized tours in Israel. Our professional staff and guides will make you feel at ease as they take you on customized tours that will allow you to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of Israel.


Visitors will embark on their excursions in the comfort of the luxury vehicles while being chauffeur by a highly trained driver well-versed in the history and nuances of each area.


Biblical tours


Take a journey back in time as we enter a historical realm; old and new, holy and secular, the world's three religions meet. A unique historical, spiritual & cultural experience, you will never forget. Stand next to ancient monuments and archeological ruins, or see amazing sightseeing. The holy land's famous historic sites reveal different periods of its variable long history and the impact of the world's greatest empires upon it. Soak away your cares in the Dead Sea surrounded by glacier-salt.


Come aboard and you’ll see why you can choose us to help you see what Israel has to offer…


The basic tour will include many of the inspiring sites: Capernaum, Bethsaida, Dan, Hazor, Caesarea Philippi, Megiddo, Caesarea, Masada, Qumran, Jericho, Bethlehem, and the many sites in Jerusalem.


Wine Tours


Since biblical times, for thousands of years, wine has been made in the Land of Israel. The vine was listed as one of the seven blessed species of fruit found in the land of Israel. Today, there are more than 100 boutique wineries in Israel making excellent wine.


If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or even a wine lover and you want to experience the best wine experiences that Israel has to offer, then this is the Tour for you! This unique private tour, supported by a professional guide, lets you see some of the small unknown wineries, meet the top wineries in Israel and Israel Boutique Winneries, you may not find on your own.


This tour offers a full immersion in the Israeli Wineries. At the winery, you'll begin at the reception hall, and receive an explanation of the terroir- the combination of local climate, soils and grape varietals that are the components that make wines so unique at varied geographic and climatic zones, continue to the cellars where visitors can see brandies and wines aging in oak casks, then you can taste the best Israeli wine.


The tour begins and ends in Tel Aviv, and is a private chauffeured tour.


Desert Tours


Since the prehistoric ages people lived in the Negev. Although it is a relatively small area it has a great deal to offer particularly for first time desert travelers, steeped in history and home to a host of geological wonders.


You can explore the unexplored. Discover how to survive in the Negev. Sleep in the great outdoors, taking time out to reflect in the surrounding beauty. If you require hotel, or camp facilities we'll design a tour that best suits your needs.


The Negev is famous for such sites as; The Ramon Crater and the Small Crater, the Timna Valley, Ancient Nabatean city Ovdat and the cliffs where the Negev plateau is dramatically intercepted by the Arava valley.


The best time of the year for touring the Negev Desert is between November to April.


Hospitality Services


Transportation services – We specialize in airport meet & greet transfers, executive ground transportation, corporate Limousines, vans, motor-coaches and chauffeur services.

Private and Organized tours - Professional tour operators will make you feel at ease. Choose a private or organized tour that will allow you to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of Israel.



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